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The perfect parties are ones with a great venue, amazing food, and the best company. Celebrate your event the right way: surround yourself with family and friends, and let Volcano’s take care of the rest. We’ll make sure you’ll have a get-together you won’t soon forget.

Our team has created special menu options for you and your guests that are perfect for any budget. Each function menu comes with a delicious entrée and an expertly cooked main dish.

Feast on freshly cooked cheesy garlic bread and your choice of either a New Yorker Steak or Creamy Chicken Fillet. Or dine on all your favourite appetizers and indulge in an OP Rib Eye Steak or premium Atlantic Salmon Fillet. Steak, lamb, fish, or chicken, you’re guaranteed quality and excellence.

We have several options should you wish to add more to your meal. A minimum of 8 people is required for you to avail our function menu.

Whatever your event may be, from office parties, family get-togethers, and everything in between, it’s sure to be a hit.

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