Culinary Adventure with Volcano’s Chef’s Choice

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We at Volcano’s pride ourselves with our ever-evolving menu. Apart from the Volcano’s classics we’ve all known to love, our team of expert chefs is constantly pushing the creative boundaries by coming up with new and unique dishes each week. We want you, our beloved Volcano’s family, to go on a culinary adventure!

Using only premium-grade, locally grown ingredients and produce, our chefs will each take turns creating their one of a kind Chef’s Choice of the Week. Each dish will highlight their ingenuity and skills in the kitchen, ensuring that every new plate is unlike anything we’ve ever served before.

As they step out of their comfort zone, we invite you to do so as well. Try a dish you’ve never had before, and combinations you never thought were possible. It’ll surely pique your interest, and your taste buds.

Our Chef’s Choice changes every week so be sure to try it before it’s gone. We promise it will wow you in every sense.

Come to Volcano’s and try our Chef’s Choice to experience food like you’ve never before! Like our Facebook page to stay up to date with each week’s new dish.

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